Hi! My name is Amy and I began SeaStar Creations in 2021. For many years I had dreamt of having my own company where I could provide a product that I’d be passionate about and have fun with! As an artist who craves variety I had a difficult time deciding what that was going to look like. I’ve always been inspired by nature and the beauty of the world we live in and, when I discovered my first gemstone shop in San Fransisco in 2015 I fell in love with crystals. I use crystals, shells, and natural materials in my succulent gardens, resin alter pieces, and jewelry. I source the majority of my gemstones through a sustainably responsible mine that acquires crystals without harming the planet and focuses on offsetting their carbon footprint with alternative energy sources. I reuse materials when possible and use eco-friendly resin in my crafts. Crystals and gemstones are a beautiful gift from the Earth and being respectful of her and all creatures is something I’m quite passionate about.